Poly Musik


Must be Tuesday – My boyfriends girlfriend:


017 - PolyMehr - 2014-02-25 19h17


Und alle anderen (Polyamory Songs als Excel Liste):

Open Relationship – Abdominal

Diamantgeiszt / Schützer des Glücks – Absztrakkt

Bisexual Polyamory Crush Blues – Nora and Gnoll

Three Hearts lyrics – Bob Welch

Polyamorous – Breaking Benjamin

Never Enough – Chastity

You and Her – Chastity

Another Man – Chastity

Friday Im In Love – The Cure

Ehrlich will ich bleiben – Eric Fish

Let’s Invite Them Over – Iris Dement & John Prine

Aus Dem Leben Einer Freundin – Janina

Warum reimt sich – Janina

Man with an Open Heart – King Crimson

So In Love With Two – Mikaila

My Love Life – Morrissey

Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

Two guys four every girl – Peaches

Teach us we are One – Rainbow Spirit Oregon

We are circling and Love each other as ourselves – Rainbow Spirit Oregon

We shall Lift each other Up  – Rainbow Spirit Oregon

Why Does It Have To Be Wrong – Restless Heart

One,Two,Theree (U, Her and Me)-  Rick James

The Roches – You’re the Two

Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People

Liebficken – Sofaplanet

Trinity – Sookee

Liebe Zu Dritt – Stereo Total

My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend – Type O Negative

Fuck Somebody Else – The Wet Spots

Barenaked Ladies – Alternative Girlfriend

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – All my lovers

Does He Love You – Reba McEntire & Linda Davis

Gaia Consort – Family

Gaia Consort – Three

Big Love Theme – God only knows what I be without you

Engineers – Home (New Big Love Theme)

Joan Jett – The French Song

Mary McGregor – Torn between two lovers

Mathematics of Love – George Clinton ft. Kim Burell

Gaia Consort – Perils of Poly

David Rovics – Polyamory Song

Wayne Kemp – Your Wife Is Cheating on us again

We are one in Harmony – Rainbow Spirit Oregon

Wet Spots at Burning Man – Threeway Rendevous

William Bell – Trying To Love Two

We Got Us – The Muppets


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